Byron Chaney is from Jackson, Tennessee. He is 25 years old and has been playing drums for 22 years.

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The Mapex Interview with Byron “Chops” Chaney

Mapex: Tell us a little about your background.
Byron: Throughout my life I’ve developed a love and appreciation for all genres of music. I also play other instruments besides drum. Musical talent runs in my family, both me and my older brother Terence are musicians.

I’ve had the privilege to play for many bands and artist including The Bobby Jones Band directed by Derrick Lee. Through that affiliation I had a stent of appearances on the B.E.T Network and the Word Network. Those appearances allowed me to have international recognition.

When I was 16 I shot my first live DVD in Perugia, Italy that was distributed nationwide, featuring artist Tonex, James Greer and many others. My life has continued on this enjoyable but hard working path due to the almighty God that has blessed me with this gift. So I play to the glory of God and not myself.

Mapex: Who are your favorite drummers or influences?
Byron: My favorite influences are Akira Jimbo, Dennis Chambers, Thomas Pridgen, Aaron Spears, Teddy Campbell, Chris “Daddy” Dave, Dave Weckle, Eric “Booty” Greene and many, many more.

Mapex: What are you currently working on?
Byron: I’m currently directing the music department at New Life Christian Center in Jackson, TN where my parents Barry and Angelia Chaney are the Pastors and founders.

Mapex: Anything else you want us to know about you?
Byron: In the future I hope to continue to impact many with my playing but still bring glory to God.